Luxury Philippines Getaways – Five to Start!

As a nation made up of over 7,000 islands, the options for getting away in the Philippines are endless, and making a recommendation is almost like forcing my favourite meal on you, but it’ll do no harm for those new to the stunning country, to get a bit of a sweeping overview of the more popular luxury hideouts.

Regularly praised for its azure blue, crystal clear water, white powdery beaches, and stunning limestone rock formations, El Nido in Palawan is pushed as the top spot even by the Philippine tourism folks.  Marble cliffs and prehistoric caves are a great backdrop to the world class diving here; rare coral, whale sharks, endangered turtles and manta rays all to be seen.

For a slice of paradise with a buzzing vibe, arguably the jewel of the crown is Boracay, Aklan, with its turquoise sea, gleaming white sand and dramatic tropical sunsets.  White Beach is where to head for the action, with candle-lit sand castles, sexy restaurants, and thumping bars open ‘ til dawn.  Of course other beaches on the island offer a gentler vibe.

Panglao Island, Bohol is another hotspot gathering steam.  Apart from its famed “Chocolate Hills” (well worth a trip), this pretty little gem is gaining ever more reputation as a top beach destination.  Unspoiled, idyllic, abundant with exotic wildlife, and catering well to discerning visitors, a great choice.

Another destination burgeoning onto the trail is Samal, Davao.  The island with its 118 kilometres of barely touched beach, lush rainforest, that ever present gin-clear ocean, mangroves and coconut palms, has begun to feature some high-end resorts and top dining options.

It’d be rude not to mention number five in my brief intro to this magical land.  The islands off Cebu, while often not offering the 5-star treatment, provide for a magical retreat.  Popular with locals and tourists alike, Bantayan, Malapascua, and Camotes islands are breathtaking, and offer a range of watersports, as well as good old-fashioned tropical paradise beach chilling.

As this blog moves forward, we’ll look at this vast sprawling archipelago in a lot more detail, as there’s more than a hell of a lot more to discuss,  but hopefully the above gives you an idea of what’s trending.  See what’s on offer with the boys at Go Philippines Villas for luxury rentals.