Culture of the Philippines

It will be important for those buying or renting luxury villas in the Philippines to know about the country’s culture.
This includes the religions practiced there, the languages spoken, and the importance they place on societal structure.

Those who buy or rent luxury villas in the Philippines will find that the country is heavily Christian. Over 90% of the country’s inhabitants follow some form of Christianity, with around 80% of them being Catholic. But you will find people of all sorts of sects in the Philippines, including Protestants, Inglesia ni Cristo (an independent Christian sect that originated in the Philippines), Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Islam is the second-most practiced religion in the Philippines, though only 5% of the population practices it.

The rest are from different religions, such as Hinduism, or are not affiliated with any religion.


In terms of language, those who buy or rent luxury villas in the Philippines will find that the official language spoken is Filipino, though only around half of the population actually speaks it. The language is based on Tagalog. English is the other major language spoken in the country, and is actually more widely spoken around the country than Filipino. There is also what is known as Taglish, which is a mix of Filipino and English. It is common to hear natives speaking in a mixture of both Filipino and English during conversations.

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Societal structure is an important part of the culture of the Philippines, as those buying or renting luxury villas there will discover.

In particular, family is extremely important. It is so important that many natives have members of their family who are not blood related, such as godparents. In fact, children may have more than one godparent. It is also not unusual to have several members of a family employed by the same company.


The importance of family extends to one’s actions, as well, as one’s actions are seen as a reflection on family.

If someone does something good, it will reflect well on their family, where if someone brings shame upon themselves, they also bring it on their family.


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