Cultural Bali

For those thinking of buying or renting luxury villas in Bali, knowledge of Balinese culture is important, specifically the roles that religion, language, and tradition play within Balinese culture.

Religious Diversity in Bali

Those buying or renting luxury villas in Bali will want to know that religion plays a big part of Balinese culture. Over 90% of the population in Bali practices Hinduism, with Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity making up most of the rest of the population.

However, the Hinduism practiced in Bali is different from that you would see elsewhere, combining elements of Indian Hinduism, Buddhism, and traditions of the Balinese people. While the Hindus of Bali worship the Hindu deities, Buddhist idols are also worshiped, along with the spirits of traditional Balinese worship.

The Hindu caste system is practiced in Bali, though it is not quite a strict as you would find in other nations such as India.

Spoken Languages in Bali

In terms of language, the two most commonly spoken languages in Bali are Balinese and Indonesian. Most of the natives in Bali can speak both languages fluently, with some being able to speak three or more languages fluently.

When interacting with tourists, the most commonly spoken language by natives is Indonesian. English and Chinese are also languages that many people in Bali can speak, since those are the languages most often spoken by tourists.

As such, many signs around Bali are written in English and Chinese as well as Indonesian and Balinese. Japanese, French, and German are other languages that are sometimes used, as well.

Ancestral Villages in Bali

The ties to one’s ancestral village is an important aspect of Balinese culture.

While the influence of tourism has certainly impacted the people of Bali, they still hold on strongly to traditions such as commitment to one’s ancestral village.

It is still considered to be one of the worst things one can endure when a village considers one dead, or when they are banished from the village.
This became something of a problem when outside religions such as Islam and Christianity started to have influence within Balinese society, with those deciding to practice those religions being banished from their villages.


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